Cuff Links: Go confidently in the direction of your dreams with diamond studded armed golden cuffs.Tie: A well tied tie is the first serious step in life. Every morning tie a goal with it. Pocket Square: An elegant pocket square to complete the business assemble. Elevate your knowledge and style and be a confident LEADER. Mustache: Can be chosen from the options of Black, Blue, Red and Grey.

Transparency is our policy:

1: Treasure box is comprised of Red Self Styled tie and matching pocket square.

2: Diamond studded golden specially carved limited edition Cuff Links.

3: Options to Chose from Red, Blue, Grey and Black Moustache.

4: All products specially designed by BRANS.

5: Cost of he product is Rs 3006.

6: On seperate selling associate and his sponsors get benefit of 1BV .

7: 10% Product Incentive will be paid to Associate if Quaterly Product Incentive is  more than    Rs 5000 including all individual sales direct incentive.