• Question: What is joining procedure for Brans Infotech Private Limited?

    Answer: For joining you have to purchase a pin from our associates by submitting a demand draft to the company
    we accept payments through demand draft only and we are not responsible for any cash payments made to any individual either in cash or in any kind

  • Question: How can I get the pin?

    Answer: You can get the pins through order pin section in your login section by submitting your demand draft details you will get the pins when your draft will reach the companies office.

  • Question: How will I start getting my payments/commissions?

    Answer: You will get your commissions as soon as you complete criteria as shown in our business plan i.e. either you complete a fresh pair or you cross the achiever level etc.

  • Question: What is NEFT

    Answer: NEFT is NATIONAL ELECTRONIC FUNDS TRANSFER through this you can get your commissions directly in your account for this you have to submit your details in neft form on the company generate the neft code and send duly signed invoice of generated neft code, along with this you have to attach a photocopy of your pan card, a cancelled cheque, and your bank statement, send these documents to office. Once your NEFT is approved your weekly commissions will be directly transferred to your account automatically.

  • Question: Do I have to submit different neft forms for multiple ids?

    Answer: NO, you can link all your id’s to one neft code generated by any one of your id through link neft section, payments for all these ids will be transferred to you account in your neft form together.

  • Question: Can I get my commissions without submitting my pan card?

    Answer: No, pan card is mandatory to receive all your payments after submitting pan card you will have to approve your neft code from the company to start getting commissions.

  • Question: In how many days i have to submit my pan card details?

    Answer: You have to submit your pan card details within 45 days from the date of Purchase. Commissions can be issued within 6 months from the date of sale , after 6 months you can purchase products for the commission amount till further 6 months. Company is not liable to pay commission after 365 days.

  • Question: Is there any procedure to get my money refunded?

    Answer: No, you should properly read and understand all terms and conditions and faq’s before registering with us as once you have been registered you can only avail the products and services and there is no procedure of cancellation as the amount is instantly distributed to various associates as per the business plan and company is left with only a small percentage of it.

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