• Question: What is joining procedure for Brans Infotech Private Limited?

    Answer: You need to contact any of our Business Associate to refer you then follow these steps. Kindly visit Partner with Us Section on the homepage and enter the BPID of the existing associate. An OTP will go to your referrer/sponsor email ID enter that OTP and registration page will open. Fill the details correctly, Kindly note one user can have only only business ID with us all the multiple IDs will be terminated if found. Use New email and mobile number belonging to the Business Associate, one email and mobile can be used for a single registration only. In the bottom section is CLICK HERE for verifying new user email with OTP enter that OTP after filling the form and you can register with us.

  • Question: Do i have to pay anything for registering as a business associate ?

    Answer: No Business registration as an associate is free of cost, you need not to pay any amount for that. You can purchase products/services depending upon your choice within 15 day or you can work as a free associate to earn direct incentives.

  • Question: How will I start getting my payments/commissions?

    Answer: You will get your commissions as soon as you accumulate Direct Incentive or BV or GV is accumulated in your teams due to sale of products and services offered by BRANS. You will not earn any incentive on only registration of new people in your team.

  • Question: What is NEFT

    Answer: NEFT is NATIONAL ELECTRONIC FUNDS TRANSFER through this you can get your commissions directly in your account for this you have to submit your details in neft form on the company generate the neft code and send duly signed invoice of generated neft code, along with this you have to attach a photocopy of your pan card, a cancelled cheque, and your bank statement, send these documents to office. Once your NEFT is approved your weekly commissions will be directly transferred to your account automatically.

  • Question: How can i Check what products i have purchased ?

    Answer: There is a section of Recharge Coupons in your Login section where you can check what products you have purchased, it clearly shows which product is purchased when and how much amount company has received from you.

    After paying for a product you get a unique 11 digits product code which you have to recharge in your Recharge Coupon section.

  • Question: Can I get my commissions without submitting my pan card?

    Answer: No, pan card is mandatory to receive all your payments after submitting pan card you will have to approve your neft code from the company to start getting commissions.

  • Question: In how many days i have to submit my pan card details?

    Answer: You have to submit your pan card details within 45 days from the date of Purchase. Commissions can be issued within 6 months from the date of sale , after 6 months you can purchase products for the commission amount till further 6 months. Company is not liable to pay commission after 365 days.

  • Question: Is there any procedure to return the product ?

    Answer: Yes if you have receive any defected product or product is having any defect within warranty period you can return the product. Watches and LED TVs have a warranty for 12 months, for machine and for straps 6 months, battery have warranty of 4 months. You can even exchange the product if it is not used within 60 days. If you are still not satisfied with any product you can return it within 30 days and take refund deducting any courier/handling charge incurred.

  • Question: Q: when are eWallet updated and funds transferred into bank accounts ?


    Cheques are updated on weekly basis for all the sales done from 1-7th, 8-15th, 16-23rd and 24- last day of month.

    Ewallets are updated on next working day.

    Funds are transferred from your eWallet to bank account every week on next working day of closing. Minimum amount should be Rs 1000 in wallet for withdrawal.

  • Question: How Do we earn incentive in BRANS ?

    Answer: Every product sold by us has three components Direct Income (paid to the person who is sponsor of purchaser) BV ( Business volume paid to all seniors above the team member purchasing ) and GV ( Group Volume paid to all seniors above the team member purchasing)

    Every product or service has a different combination of Direct Income BV and GV, depending upon the product sold and Direct Income, BV, GV earned from that you earn incentives being a promoter/business partner. 

    To continue receiving commissions you should sponsor 4 BV directly in every 6 months, failing which if any commissions is earned, it can be used for purchasing products only.

  • Question: ?How will i gt my purchased products delivered at my address ?


    For delivery kindly do an email in which you will mention Dear Team, Kindly courier my products ( mention the name of the products ) at the following address ( mention your complete address properly with Pin code and House number ), mention your Username and BPID in the email and attach your Valid Govt ID Proof along with purchase form and Copy of Recharge Coupon section from your login section.

    Email Should be sent to   and within 7 working days your product will be dispatched and you will receive tracking details as a reply in email.

    For those who have purchased Holiday earlier, you can book Accomodation by paying processing fees of Rs 549 and processing fees of Rs 1100 per year ( not to be paid within 365 days from the date of purchase ) Taxes extra as applicable. Holiday for non working users can be booked upto 5 years from the date of registration.

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