Choose a combination of products from all the available products

Transparency is our policy:

1: You can order products upto 4990 in any combination..

2: Choose combinations from all the available products.

3: Product carries incentive of 2 BV with 1 GV and a Direct Income of Rs 800.

4: All Products carry Brans Warranty as applicable.

5: For those opting Holiday can avail 2nights 3 days holiday till 5 years so in total 10 nights holiday.

6: Processing fees of Rs 499 applicable when booking holiday and 21 dates prior notice.

7: Option of 3 dates and 3 destinations available in chart should be given for booking.

8: An Allura watch will be couriered to those opting for Holiday Service.

9: Package cost is Rs 4990 inclusive of GST