Carving warrior men’s watches is what keeps us motivated everytime. To set a legacy of pride for those who admire themselves Brand presents you DMOR SIGNATURE BLACK. Black Matte and Bold, a watch giving you a perfect balance of masculine and elegance, carefully carved to give a perfect weight for a comfortable wear and best signature. Made for leaders by leaders.

Transparency is our policy

1: Watch comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty to be honoured by BRANS.

2: Warranty excludes breakage or any damage by external influence.

3: Replacement of product possible within 30 days in case any defect is incurred.

4: Cost of Signature I is Rs 4000 including taxes if ordered seperately.

5: On seperate selling associate and his sponsors get benefit of 2 BV .

6: 10% Product Incentive will be paid to Associate if Quaterly Product Incentive is  more than    Rs 5000 including all individual sales direct incentive.