Attitude on your wrist is far better than attitude on your sleeves, for those who measure success through experiences and believe in making their own world, Brans presents you DMOR ALLURA I, a watch to make you your divine counsellor .Wear this exclusive limited edition pride with an elegant suit length carefully selected by enthusiasts keeping your status and elegance in mind.

 Transparency is our policy

1:Watch comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty to be honoured by BRANS.

2: Warranty excludes breakage or any damage by external influence.

3:Replacement of product possible within 30 days in case any defect is incurred.

4: Cost of Allura I is Rs 2000 including taxes if ordered seperately.

5: On seperate selling associate and his sponsors get benefit of 1BV .

6: 10% Product Incentive will be paid to Associate if Quaterly Product Incentive is more than Rs 5000 including all sales.